Did You Miss It? @DariusLaVale The ICON Kidd Admits Doing Drug, Escorting & More

Former Adult Entertainer Darius LaVale AKA The Icon Kidd went on my show and admitted of doing drugs, don’t considered himself being a drug addict check out the interview below. 


Eye Candy @willturnheads 

Eye Candy ‪@DariusLaVale ‬ Exclusive Pics 


The Freaky Boiz Release New Album – Category Closed

Finally The Freaky Boiz release a new body of work. I am loving the Hell Nah track. Download the new Freaky Boiz album now 


@JustinJ1232 Vs. @theskorpion Drama & Tea 

Justin J is having his own event with Adrian The Main Event ATL. Justin J recently announce to his subscribers he will not be apart of this year Black Out ATL. 

I was wondering why Justin J pulled out of the black out ATL? Hunny he made a video explaining he was not being heard by the other you tubers. 

Justin J Video:

Kevin From The Skorpion Show didn’t like what Justin J had to say and he release a video saying Justin J was too difficult to work with. 


Kevin Video: 


The whole situation is some tea. I will keep you updated as this story develops. 


Bimbo Winehouse Interview


Bimbo Winehouse did an interview with Belmont Radio on last night check it out below. She talked about her YouTube career, and dressing in drag.


Click here to Listen: http://BlogTalkRadio.com/BelmontRadio

VIDEO: TS Madison Will Be On #SexTales 

 Yoboinewnue just released a video with TS Madison saying her catch line is it on. No official date of #SexTales have been released yet.