Wiley Virtual Housewarming (DETAILS)

I finally move into my apartment and many of you requested that I get WALMART registry. I did just that here go the link https://www.walmart.com/lists/view-events-registry-items?id=a3f60e40-57c0-4f30-a821-02d086d1fa4f all donations is welcomed. I’m thanking you in advanced. Advertisements


J Wilson allegedly is paying this dude he call a friend $3,000.00 a month including the boy car note, food, and clothes. I been broke the story he is facing foreclosure allegedly. We are working on getting the boy on the show we will keep you updated on that status. Disclaimer: The views & opinions […]

Derrick Berry Told Wiley Show To Delete His Jackd Account Before They Made Love

I was so young in the gay scene in Chicago IL, Derrick Berry hit me up on Jackd one day and hit me up for sex, and after 15 seconds I said yeah send me your address and Derrick Berry did just that. So I entered his beautiful condo and he told me before I […]

LISTEN: @OfficialSampson Interview

Mr Funny man himself Sampson came on The Wiley Show Radio show. He talk about his new movie ‘ A Tough Act To Follow’. And also talk about janky LGBT promoters not wanted to book him or other LGBT talent like  Jussie Smollett  from Empire. To listen to the interview click on the link below http://www.blogtalkradio.com/wileynflashradio/2016/06/23/stand-up-comedian-sampson-live-interview

The Wiley Show Premiere Episode  Aired Last Night 

  I am so happy to announced that I am back on the radio. Last night on blogtakkradio.com/TheWileyShow I had a season premiere.      So many callers were listening and I had the pleasure to play some of LGBT biggest stars Jacques, The Freaky Boiz, Phylle, Prince J’Van & many more.    The Wiley Show […]