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According to TMZ Jennifer Lopez broke up with Casper Smart because he snubbed her by passing on a fancy Hamptons charity event in favor of hanging with his boyz at UFC 202 … TMZ has learned.

Sources connected with the former couple tell us … J Lo told Casper it was super important for him to accompany her to Ron Perelman’s Hamptons fundraiser Saturday night benefiting the Apollo Theater. 
Casper wasn’t having it, because he desperately wanted to watch the Conor McGregor/Nate Diaz fight in Vegas with his friends.
J Lo, we’re told, was enraged and ended the relationship … no discussion — simply, we’re done.
Here’s the funny thing … Casper was telling people at the fight he was going to NYC Sunday to meet up with Jennifer, who was there filming a show. He had no idea being a no-show Saturday would end things.


Katt Williams definitely has people wondering about his sanity after his latest assaults — especially his family! In fact, they’re so concerned that they have been talking about having him hospitalized!


So while the family is concerned with his mental state, Katt claims they’re just after his money!

He says after the video surfaced of his brawl with that 17-year-old, his family suggested that he get professional help. But apparently this isn’t their first attempt to get him out away. He says they’re so adamant with their efforts because they’re “broke b—–s.”

There’s always two sides of the story and the families side is that Katt genuinely needs help and that’s the root of their concern.

According t TMZ, a source shared that earlier this month, during a raid, Katt was found “naked and covered in chocolate.”
But Katt doesn’t see anything wrong with his lifestyle. He says it wasn’t just chocolate –it was whipped cream too and it was there because he, “likes a bitch to lick it off him before he gets f***** to sleep.”

Who’s side y’all on!?

Lawrence Phillips DEAD Ex-NFL Star Found Dead In Cell … Suspected Suicide


Former NFL Star Lawrence Phillips committed suicide according to Prison officials he was found dead in his cell. Officials say he was transported to an outside hospital where he was pronounced deceased at 1:27 AM. I will keep you updated on this story once I get more information.

Woman Sues Derrick Rose, Accuses Him of Drugging and Gang Raping Her


Bad news for star Chicago Bulls player Derrick Rose.

According to the TMZ report, the woman—identified only as Jane Doe—dated Rose from 2011 through 2013. She claims that, during an incident in August 2013, Rose and two of his friends, identified as Ryan Allen and Randall Hampton, invited her to Rose’s home in Beverly Hills, Calif. and slipped a drug into her drink while she was there. She claims that she was able to escape the home with a friend but that Rose, Allen, and Hampton broke into her apartment later that night and raped her. In her lawsuit, the woman claims that she did not come forward sooner because she was “ashamed and embarrassed” by the alleged incident.

 Rose is yet to respond to the allegations. I will keep you all updated on this story

Carter 3 year Anniversary TMZ Ball (Pics) 

     I would like to wish the Carter Family happy anniversary. 

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