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Blogger Armon Wiggins Continue Attack The Transgender Community During His Facebook LIVE Video 

Facebook blogger Armon Wiggins is still bashing transgender women of color. He recently invited Cherry Balenciaga on his show. He couldn’t help himself calling her a dude and other transphobia terms. Over 600 people was watching LIVE as it happened. He even had commercials playing in the LIVE feed which I feel is highly offensive. […]

2017 First Transgender Death Mesha Caldwell  

#meshacaldwell RIP wow I’m tired of seeing trans of women getting killed. I hope the police find her killer.  Check out the news report here.  MADISON COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) – A transgender woman was found shot to death on a Madison County road on Wednesday. The Madison County Sheriff’s Office received a call […]

My Shady Rainbow Official Review

I couldn’t wait until 3 pm to give my review on My Shady Rainbow Jacob Kohinoor used people to build up himself. ‪#‎Listen‬ to my full review below Armon Wiggins was set up from the beginning to get dissed from other cast members. This show was devastating towards the LGBTQ community. Especially it was death […]

 Say What! Cookie Tookie Was In A Fight With Lucy Papers VIDEO. 

     Baby cookie Tookie need to be trying out for ufc, she was fighting a transgender with her fists. And a lot of people is saying she won.     Lucy Papers is the girl name that was fighting Cookie Tookie allegedly. Check out the video below.