The Queens Supreme Court Ratings Is Still High

The Queens Supreme Court Ratings Is Still High. According to T.S. Madison facebook page the numbers is still averaging more than 100,000 views. I admired T.S. Madison drive to keep the show going after Khia left. Many people thought the show was going to end after Khia left, but due to T.S. Madison connections that didn’t happen. I will continue to suppport The Queens Supreme Court. Like my sister said Headlines lie but numbers dont I agree.





Yikes! Khia Is Charging The Girls $1,000 To See Her Perform LIVE Are You Going?


Khia is all about her money she is solo from The Queens Court and she has her own show Gag Order and she is on LIVE tour. And the gurls is dragging her because the prices have been leaked to the public and it starts off with $100 to all the way to $1,000.

gag order

People will be in the building because Khia has a faithful female fanbase and they will pay $1,000 to see the Queen Khia.

What Happened To Armon Wiggins Recording LIVE Secret Location ???


Armon Wiggins voice is powerful he needs to come back on Facebook and Youtube. All of his videos get on average 15k views, he touches on topics like relationships, transgender issues, vital media stories and so much more. His competitors always get his page block because they don’t want him to make it to another level.  He posted a video on youtube he explained why he disappeared on facebook and most of the comments from his supporters want him to come back full time not just on facebook but on youtube as well. Armon Wiggins voice is missing from the LGBT media scene many stories like The Queen Court drama with Hosts Ts Madison and rapper Khia for an example we need to get Armon Wiggins opinions on that. He got over 40k followers on Facebook and the people want him back on facebook and youtube full time.

Exclusive: Armon Wiggins interview LGBT Blogger Wiley Show 

 Recording Live finally interview Wiley Show about his recent legal battle with his family. Check it below. 

TS Madison Interview Porn Star Rico Pruitt 

T.S. Madison score a big interview with Rico Pruitt check it out below.

Backpage Is Shut Down Escorts Are Devastated 

Bad news for escorts around the country. Their site to get clients is now shut down for business. I guess it’s time for escorts to get a 9-5 job. I will update you on this story, when I get more information. 

Washington, D.C. – As the direct result of unconstitutional government censorship, has removed its Adult content section from the highly popular classified website, effective immediately. For years, the legal system protecting freedom of speech prevailed, but new government tactics, including pressuring credit card companies to cease doing business with Backpage, have left the company with no other choice but to remove the content in the United States.

#YBNEntertainment Just Announced TS Madison will be on #SexTales

Executive Producer YoBoiNewnue just post a picture via his Facebook page with cast of #SexTales and TS Madison. No official word yet when the episode will aired I will keep you updated when I get more details. 

Check out this episode below of #SexTales

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