VS Now Going To Host TSCC Full Time Will Create GoFundMe Goal $100,000

After her untimely firing from her job VS will host TSCC full time now with no breaks. She will be asking her team to help her in this new journey. I am hearing rumors that VS is going to ask her followers to raised her $100,000. I will address all of the rumors tonight at […]

VIDEO: Susie AKA VS Is Getting Loose Goose S Hutchison Together By Calling Out Her Daughter “Destiny”

It’s really getting out in this YouTube streets. VS is pressing the gas on Loose Goose S Hutchison, she is now addressing her daughter destiny allegedly. I will keep you all updated on this tea.


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VS Conscious 2.0 & TSCC Family Don’t Flagged They Are Uplifting #WomenEmpowerment MenEmpowerment

Don’t believe those fake recordings that audio you hear is NOT VS conscious 2.0. That woman is a whole STRUGGLE she allegedly don’t have a husband. She allegedly not mentally ill. VS & TSCC Family is about uplifting & empowering women and men. VS & The entire TSCC Family is all about positivity no drama. […]