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Armon Wiggins & Tasha K Is Beefing

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Its getting heated on the you-tube streets Armon Wiggins and Tasha K is now beefing. Armon Wiggins went on an  2 hour rant that is he is better than Tasha k. Armon Wiggins also said that Tasha K was dissing Lovelyti via voice memos and text messages. I am on the side of neither party, so with that being said I am not shocked Armon & Tasha K is beefing. Tasha K said via The Wiley Show she was never friends with Armon Wiggins. Tasha K went on to say her relationship Armon Wiggins was all about business and nothing more. Check out Armon Wiggins & Tasha K interview below.

Eye Candy ‘Ja Pan Nation’

YouTube DOWN – video streaming site not working for users all around the world

Those trying to access the video streaming site are being met with error messages.

On the desktop version users can see the website’s template, but no videos are shown.

The issue was reported by people in the United States, South America, and Europe.

Gay YouTube Preacher J Wilson Exposed

I have been silent about J Wilson but it has been reported to me that Bro J Wilson is gay. I have received multiple reports from sources and I am publicly putting it out there. I will publicly address this on my channel.

Video: Starmarie Calls out Mona Symone & Lovelyti/ Tiffany Foxx Vs Nicki Mianj// Future & Cardi B collab

YIKES! Jacob Kohinoor Career Ended Once He Became Jessica

I have to say I agree with the people that say Jacob Kohinoor lost his touch once he became a transgender woman. He lost a lot of YouTube plays once he went from male to female. I stop watching him because it was a train wreck seeing him protraying a woman I couldn’t seat in front of my computer screen and watch it. But I support Jessica living in her truth. But I think in my humble opinion she did it to chase fame and views. Clearly that plan failed and now she stuck as a woman. Do you agree with me comment below.

Eye Candy @TheFaceOfDallas

Video: Armon Wiggins & Marquise Crusoe


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